My Yoga journey started in 2010 when I moved to the Sunshine Coast and my friend suggested I try Bikram Yoga, she was sure I would like it although I was definitely not as convinced as her.  I thought “who wants to voluntarily practice Yoga in a hot, humid room for 90 minutes?!”  And so my first class was, I assume, identical to experiencing the heat of hell.  Somehow I found myself returning to the studio and quite quickly fell in love with the practice.  I was in a stressful job at the time and Yoga not only helped me manage my stress, it had a significant improvement on my health by reducing my blood pressure from 150/110mmHg to 120/70mmHg.


In 2012 I attended an Advanced Seminar on the Gold Coast and by the end of the weeklong seminar I committed to the 2013 April Teacher Training and bounced back to the Sunshine Coast ready to teach in July 2013.


What I love most about Yoga is not only the health benefits, but the ability to cultivate a clear, focused & calm mind.  I have come from a pharmacological background where I have been taught that proper medical management of people’s conditions heals and/or treats the body.  I realise now that there are many complementary avenues for managing medical conditions, and, if I had it my way, Yoga would be the first treatment written on the prescription.


My favourite posture is poorna salabhasana.  I love the opening on the front side of the body, the strength you feel in your back when you lift off the floor and the stillness that the control of the breath gives you when you’re in the posture.


The friendly and inviting community of Bikram Yoga Caloundra makes teaching an absolute pleasure.  Come along, join in, and start feeling the amazing benefits of Yoga – your body and mind will love you for it.